Empowered by the Holy Spirit!



All sacraments are an encounter with Christ, who is himself the original sacrament.  There are sacraments of initiation, which introduce the recipient into the faith:  Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.  There are sacraments of healing:  Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick.  And there are sacraments of communion and mission:  Matrimony and Holy Orders.

Loving Father,
Open our hearts to hidden realities:
   your love for all people,
   your presence in the community,
   your call to justice and peace.
May the sacraments stir in us
that same love for those with whom we worship
and all members of our human family.

Christ Jesus,
Help us to imitate your example:
   healing the sick,
   welcoming the stranger,
   assisting the poor and vulnerable.
May the sacraments remind us
of your love and self-giving,
which we strive to imitate.

Holy Spirit,
Make visible to our eyes what is invisible:
   your call to your people,
   your summons to live our faith daily
   as witnesses of justice and peace.
May the sacraments move us
to engage in love-inspired action
that transforms us and the world.